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  导语:消防安全多下及时雨,消防教育少放马后炮。 下面是小编为大家整理的:消防安全演练的英语演讲稿,希望对大家有所帮助,欢迎阅读,仅供参考,更多相关的知识,请关注CNFLA学习网!

  The classmates: hello!

  Everyone came to this beautiful earth, is lucky. Short life, as long as life rest, can enjoy the fresh air, warm sunshine, enjoy the family care, children's filial piety, enjoy life, changing a have a good hope.

  Taken countless lives in the fire accident, there are several not fire safety consciousness weak hail the consequences of violation of fire safety operation procedures have? There are several not disregard for our life, the pursuit of the interests of a retribution? I never believed in, the danger, the fire hazard can see, there's no way to deal with. So, why is there so much of the phenomenon of violation of fire control laws and regulations exist? The root cause, or people lack of love of life in the deep heart's core, treasure of life!

  In the past year, nightmare in our hearts with a and a deep brand: the hunan hengyang fire heroic, jilin 30 malls fire of ignorance, zhejiang possessing the foolishness of fire guangdong shantou bellow of fire... In sorrow for the deceased, money, fame, fortune, is gone, left us just pain and ponder: in front of the happiness of life, the precious life, what should we do? Is to continue to negligence? Or indulge ignorance?

  A man's life only once, life is the most precious for everyone, safety is the patron saint of life. Can only cherish life, life癫痫治疗哪家医院比较好 happiness. "Hidden risks in fire prevention is better than disaster relief, responsibility is more important than mount tai", is comrade jiang ze - people to our care and warning, is I and you work every day should be celebrated in the fusion of faith, adhere to the creed. "Fire safety is so important for us," the journey of life, we traveled together with them! Indeed, the danger is everywhere. In life road, we only depend on the crutch, "security" won't wrestling, there won't be mishaps, through ups and downs. The joy of life, the life happiness, will accompany us forever!

  Don't fire control safety, even if only a little an idea, can let the happy life in danger. Fire safety knowledge poverty, fire safety consciousness weak always can let us to see, hear, site of some of the blood lesson: in May 1997, the yunnan province funing county primary school fire caused the fire, 2 casualties; On June 10, in the past, in guangdong province shantou tide zone xiashan street south China hotel. The fire caused 31 people are hurt, three seriously. These tragedies, notting have is not in violation of the fire control laws and regulations, fire safety consciousness! I often see my comrades in time and fire accident rescue, rescue people trapped by fire brush with death, therefore, I can experience to the victims shouted "help" the nostalgia and longing for life. Students: to cherish life, away from fire!

  Throughout those killed millions of fire accident, whi儿童癫痫病治疗应该注意哪些ch together the consequences of not the fire control safety consciousness lead to? Which is not ignore life together, the pursuit of the interests of a punishment? Many security hidden danger is not that we don't see, but why didn't handled in a timely manner? The reason is people lack of love of life in the deep heart's core, to cherish life.

  Students, human life only once, when you came to the world is, you are lucky, but not at the same time you also started a trip back to journey. So the life for each person is valuable, only cherish life, to happiness in our lives. Of course, if really in the fire, don't panic. Because there is no desperate situation, only desperate people. In the face of smoke and fire, as long as you keep calm, clever use of fire self-help escape knowledge, have great possible to save himself, and even the lives and property of others. Teacher teach everyone here a few action: to use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose, crouched down, through a safe passage to a safe place; In 119 fire calls, must remain calm, cool head, pinpoint location, fire burning objects, the fire situation; If the fire and the body, do not stampede! Flap or running is because when the wind formation, accelerate the oxygen supplement, promote the flourishing fire. When the coat is on fire, we should try to take off clothes or on-site roll, pressure fire fighting.

  "Warning, if the teacher", fire safety work is only a starting point, there is no 南昌比较好的癫痫病治疗医院end. Establishing a good campus fire safety management order, is the premise and key of our education career development. We must set up the "cherish life, away from fire" strong fire safety consciousness, the fire safety work mentioned a higher level, make our efforts to build a good campus environment.

  The fire, along with the development of human beings, prosperity, stability and progress, is the most basic conditions for people's survival and development. Starts from me, far away from the fire accident, starts from the minor matter, starts from the intravenous drip! Enhance the fire safety consciousness and conception, really implement the fire safety system! I believe that we, all of you, won't make cry in this peace.

  "Keep away from fire, create and harmonious society" is our common goal, the classmates, let us join hands and more love life, pay more attention to fire safety, let we each person's heart is full of love, love yourself, love family, in order to fire safety, starts from me. To protect themselves and others safe and happy and work together!













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